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Information for real and personal property owners
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Cobb County, GA--  (submitted by Cobb Communications)  For real property owners: beginning this year, Cobb County Tax Assessor's Office will mail annual assessment notices to all owners of taxable real property prior to July 1. This notice will include an estimate of taxes based on the prior year millage rate and the current year value. This is only an estimate and will not include exemptions, (i.e. homestead, school tax or floating homestead) for those living in cities.

For personal property owners: Georgia voters approved exempting all inventory of a business from state ad valorem tax. This does not, however, exempt this same inventory from local (county, city, school, etc.) ad valorem tax. Business personal property inventory remains taxable for county, school, municipal, etc. purposes. Businesses that fail to timely report inventory will be subject to appropriate penalties. Properties scheduled for a site visit by the Tax Assessor's Office are listed online at cobbcounty.org/cobbassessor.

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