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The legend of Joseph Poloron | News

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The legend of Joseph Poloron

MABLETON, Ga -- It was almost one year ago when Cobb County Fire and Emergency was called out after a caller said he saw a body in the middle of Sope Creek. Two river rescue squads found out it wasn't a body, it was a statue. The statue appeared to be St. Joseph from a holiday Nativity scene.

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The story has become folklore in the Providence subdivision in Mableton where a holiday tradition was started a few years ago. Chandon Adams found a plastic statue of St. Joseph in a home that was foreclosed on.

Adams and another neighbor, Andy Edwards put the statue in a neighbor's yard as a practical joke. "He stayed there for a few days and we thought it would be interesting if we had Joseph maybe move to somebody else's yard," Edwards said. "We moved him into a different yard and put a little gift with him and from there he has migrated all over the neighborhood."

It has been a tradition ever since, a tradition that almost ended last year. "One of the last homes that we delivered him to he was just gone, so we don't know from there what happened to Joseph," Edwards said.

Shortly after their statue disappeared, the Joseph statue was found in Sope Creek. Once neighbors saw the story on 11 Alive News, the legend began. "We passed the story around, got some laughs about it, but then started to think, I wonder if it could be our Joseph," Edwards said.

They called their statue "Joseph Poloron". Poloron was written on the base of the statue and is the name of the company that makes the molded statues. Joseph Poloron now has a Facebook page with pictures neighbors took of their statue with their children and in their yards. He also has a Twitter account. Both social network sites refer to the story from Sope Creek and query whether it is their statue.

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But they didn't let the tradition die. The neighborhood has a new Joseph statue which currently stands in a neighbor's yard wearing a soccer jersey, headband and black eye shadow.

They still wonder if the Joseph found in Sope Creek is their Joseph. Cobb County Fire and Emergency said they are trying to find out what happened to the Sope Creek statue after they pulled it out of the waters.

So what would happen if they still have it and it's the Mableton neighborhoods original Joseph? Would it be welcome back in the neighborhood with the new statue? "I suspect we'd have to put that up to a vote and probably old Joseph would win out I believe," Edwards said.

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