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Cobb School Board approves $3 million digital math education | News

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Cobb School Board approves $3 million digital math education
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Cobb School Board approves $3 million digital math education

MARIETTA, Ga. -- With only two weeks to go before 107,000 students return to Cobb County schools, a big question remains: if the county goes digital in teaching math, will there be enough money to make it work and bring up test scores?

The answer came after more than an hour of debating as the Cobb Board of Education voted 4-3 to approve a $3 million jump into the digital age of mathematics education.

But it fell far short of an $8 million proposal that the board voted down in April. That deal included printed text books in addition to digital content. 

The deal that passed on Wednesday only involves printed texts for advanced courses. The rest of the math teaching experience will be digital.

Despite the okay to go ahead with this latest deal, parents were outraged that cutting the teaching and learning materials in less than half will affect the learning experience.

Randy Scamihorn, Chairman of the Cobb Board of Education, stressed that the monies just approved are a "compromise," allowing the School District to secure the necessary digital teaching and learning tools in the short term and in time for the start of the school year, while the Georgia Legislature and Governor determine the direction of math education in the State.

When asked about funding for students who did not have access to computers or smart phones, David Banks, a board member, stressed that the County will can find a way to support those students and not leave them academically stranded.

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