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MABLETON | Players give mixed reviews to pricier Powerball | News

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MABLETON | Players give mixed reviews to pricier Powerball
MABLETON | Players give mixed reviews to pricier Powerball

MABLETON, Ga. -- Heby's Shell Station in Mableton has produced big Powerball winners in the past, but customers had mixed reactions to the new, higher ticket price on Sunday.

"The fact that they're $2 doesn't make a difference," said customer Alan Bland. "If it's a big jackpot, you're going to play anyway."

But customer Jim Maiorana said the price hike will take him out of the game.

"I think it's gouging," he said. "Why an additional dollar?"

The price of the multi-state Powerball jumped from $1 to $2 a ticket on Sunday, but the odds of winning improved.

Powerball dropped the numbers players can choose from 39 to 35, which puts the odds of winning at one in 175 million.

Before the change, the odds were one in 192 million.

The size of starting jackpots will also double from $20 to $40 million.

"As the jackpots grow, we have found over time that we get more and more players engaged," said Georgia Lottery Corporation CEO Margaret DeFrancisco. "Not just for Georgia and HOPE and pre-K, but for all lotteries across the country who support good causes, this will be a very good thing."

Heby's Shell displays winning tickets and checks on the walls, including one for customer who cashed in a Powerball ticket worth $116 million in 2010. 

"If you could win $250,000 or $1 million off $2, I'd play," said customer Dwanda Dennis. 

Some customers said the higher ticket price means they'll have to cut back.

"It doesn't make a whole lot of sense," said customer Nate Smith. "I don't think I'll play as much."